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30 days of sim making challenge: day one

I thought I’d start this challenge to make my posts a little more interesting though I can admit the chances of me actually finishing this are very low, but I’m going to try my best! 

I think she kinda looks like me; the eyes and lips are right but she’s definitely way prettier. 


Day 4 - Berry Sim

Rasperry Fool


30 Days of Sim Making

Day 4: Berry Sweet

I’ve always wanted to make a berry sim. I hope I did it right.


Day 2 Favourite celebrity Gabriella Cilmi 


30 Days of Sim Making - Day 1: Simself

I’m starting meggyreap's challenge because I want to keep this blog alive somehow. Seems fun and I enjoy using CAS so I'm gonna give it a try. Click here if you want to join.

The first task is making a simself, I’ve always had this sim running around. He always went by the name of “weird dude” or “fucks sim” lol. I kinda tried updating him, but I think I messed him up. The only thing that looks kinda accurate is his profile side, meh. I hate that hairstyle, but I can’t seem to find any hair that resembles mine.

stupid game crashed before I could take good pics of them .____.


Day 10: Classic Monster



30 Days of Sim Making Day 4 - Berry Sweet Sim - Cookie Lofthouse. I’ve never made a berry sim before, I kind of like her.

there are so many simblrs doing the 30 Day Sim Making Challenge I came up with! *squeee*


30 Days of Sim-making

DAY 5: In the style of another simmer


morganabananasims this one goes out to you.

I don’t know how you make the eyes and chipmunk cheeks, I’m convinced you commission sliders for your own nefarious purposes

I got my 5 year old niece addicted to sims. she now tries to explain it to her big brother.


30 Days of Sim Making, Day Three:

Favorite Character


30 Days of Sim Making

Day 3: Favorite Character

I don’t know, but for some reason I have always loved Disney villains so I made her in the likeness of Ursula

ha love it!


30 Days of Sim Making

Day 2: Favorite Celebrity

I hope y’all can tell who this is. I tried my best, but it’s a pink-haired Nicki Minaj


30 Days of Simmaking - Day Four: Berry Sweet (Razz Delight)